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Individual Training

Our goal is to help players build optimal performance in the game of soccer. The base and foundation of the below pyramid (Functional Movement) is the most important as well as the most ignored funcction when training at any level or age of athlete. Our exercises and drills are designed to focus on everything in the Functional Movement box while always incorporating a ball.

The functional performance block is the next level of training. We always incorporate Functional Movement in sessions, functional performance foucses on making decisions at game speed. Focusing on the awareness of your surroundings and knowing what you're going to do before you receive the ball. We will also teach the game tactically, strategically, and position based.

Finally, our functional drills are conducted in small groups/clinics and team environments. This allows players to execute what they're learning in private sessions in actual game environments. There are so many scenerios in a game, our academy is experienced in recreating exact and realistic game situations for our players to learn and develop.